A new partnership between African low-cost airline fastjet, and AIDS organization, (RED), will be launched with the release of a new track, ‘Holiday’, by legendary singer songwriter Oliver Mtukudzi.

Here are 8 helpful tips you might need when hiking up Kilimanjaro. Hizi ni dondoo 8 unazohitaji kujua unapopanda Mlima Kilimanjaro 1. Bring your own toilet rolls for emergency clean ups and cases where there isn’t any. Njoo na karatasi laini kwaajili ya kujisafisha pale ambapo hazitakuwepo. 2. Keep hydrated with water and some Iodine or nuun tablets which help to purify water while you hike.

Thirty-five years ago a man’s simple gesture of love for his wife became an empire of extravagance, known the world over. The Patrick Mavros jewellery line is a simplistic tale of Zimbabwean roots and is engraved with the history of the country and its people. After almost four decades of dedicated craftsmanship and skill handed down over generations, it is now considered one of Africa’s most luxurious jewellery brands